Flushing, New York City, is home to tens of thousands of Chinese residents. The Xiang Hotpot restaurant, a renowned brand for Sichuan-style hot pot, is just a short distance from the last stop of the No. 7 subway, enjoying the benefits of perfect timing, location, and community support. Ever since its establishment in the "New World Mall" in September 2017, the business has been booming.


The interior design of Xiang Hotpot is distinct from the modern simplicity of Hai Di Lao, another famous hotpot chain. It boasts a classical and elegant decor imbued with rich Chinese cultural characteristics. Elements like the horsehead walls, giant drum-shaped stones, the "Xiang Hotpot" plaque, hanging red lanterns, and various green plants transport diners back to their Chinese homeland.


The tasteful and sophisticated screens inside, retro wooden square tables and benches, lattice doors, face masks on the walls, shadow puppetry designs, steaming copper pots on the tables, and bird cages in the corridors all embody a deep and profound traditional Chinese style, rich in heritage and elegance.


Xiang Hotpot also features a small stage for performances. Here, many entertaining shows can be witnessed, including the famed Sichuan opera face-changing, TikTok dances, the "Shake it Off" dance, the "Little Apple" dance, and even freestyle performances from Wuli Fan, among others.


Xiang Hotpot is a globally recognized dining brand. Since 2003, Xiang Hotpot branches worldwide have been offering a unique hotpot experience to diners. The Flushing Xiang Hotpot has undoubtedly added a vibrant touch to the lives of New Yorkers.