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Crafting the ultimate hot pot experience
Since its founding in 2003, our restaurant has been serving a hot pot experience unlike any other. We operate on three core values: “Quality first”, “Customer first”, and “Healthy and happy”. Accordingly, our wide range of spices and sauces cater to even the most adventurous diners. For those looking for the best instagram shots, we offer the cutest orange teddy bear, made out of pure mala soup and butter (available on a limited basis).

Regardless of your preferences, we have something for everyone to enjoy!


Check Out Our Signature Dishes
Our chefs have designed a menu with a mix of traditional hot pot ingredients and new ideas to try.

We start with a selection of the classics, the carefully sliced beef/pork/chicken, seafood such as shrimps/squid/scallops, dumplings, tofu, mushrooms, eggs, and more. We harvest our peppers only in fields whose altitudes exceed 3000 meters, and handpick the best for use in our restaurants. And for seasoning, we serve four types of oil: olive oil, sesame oil, pepper oil, and walnut oil – you can always choose your favorite flavor.

Of course, we also include some more fun ingredients, such as the Xiang Hotpot Signature Fish Head, our Crisp Triratna, Ox Tripe/Bone Marrow, Wild Bamboo Fungus, and more! Look below to see our full menu selection.

Soup Bases

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Xiang Hot Pot
136-20 Roosevelt Ave
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